Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chrome and its processes

Wow, i gotta say "Thanks" to Scott Hanselman (who i must say is an excellent technical speaker, i met him briefly at TechEd NZ, not that he would remember me). Almost exactly a week ago i questioned all the processes being started by Google Chrome (here), and in an excellent post he has answered that exact question. You can find his post here

The problem with his answer is that it produces a lot more work for me - now that i know a little bit i have to go and research and become familiar with that design pattern. The possibilities could be interesting, maybe this would be a cool way to allow third parties to integrate into your application and give them a very limited access to your data or authentication services (i'm presuming that Chrome and IE8 totally isolate their addons).

Keywords: google, chrome, IE8, processes

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