Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Better file searching in Windows 7

Wow, i just found another cool feature in Windows 7 - a nice way to do file searching.

I had tried to run a SourceSafe history report to find what files i had changed on a specific project, and of course SourceSafe was being its usual wanky horrendous self and the report was producing nothing. So i move to plan B - use a file search on my local hard drive, and order by date modified. Then i noticed that Windows 7 now allows you to search by a date range:

The syntax is

datemodified:<start date> .. <end date>

you can type this directly in to the search box, the date formats are in the UI locale you are running as. You can also use your mousey mouse to select the date range from the dropdown date selector, but personally i find it faster and more accurate to just type it in.

Quick example time: what did i add to my Zune playlist in the last few months of last year? (did you think i was gonna show a pic of all the code i wrote - hell no!!)

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